BHM25 peanut butter machine

BHM25 nut butter machine
دستگاه کره ساز مدل هایپرمارکت
دستگاه کره ساز مدل هایپرمارکتدستگاه کره ساز هایپرمارکتدستگاه کره ساز مدل هایپرمارکت
Specifications Weight38 kg

30 kg per hour
1500 W
low noise
equipped with cooling fan for electric motor equipped with softness adjustment handle
34,000,000 تومانIRT each

This machine is equipped with one of a kind system that make it easy to produce soft or crunchy nut butter just by turning a handle and user can choose the output butter roughness. the machine can make butter from peanut, hazelnut, pistachio, almond and using hardened stainless steel screw and crushing parts the machine is a reliable choice for long time use. This Machine is available in two models, as well as a choice of colored body or stainless steel, depending on the order of our customers

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