One of the strengths of the Berkdaneh manufacturing group is the unlimited supply of after-sales services and the provision of the required spare parts in the shortest possible time. All standard parts are always available in the warehouse of the company, which can be delivered to the customer as needed in the shortest possible time. All unplugged devices since the delivery date include a one-year warranty, in which the warranty terms are included in the sales contract for the device in a complete and transparent manner. Also, in case of problems, the company s support team is ready to meet the needs of customers. For ease of use, a manual and a training CD are sent with each device, which can usually be solved in most cases by referring to the manual. But if you need technical advice, call the following numbers

Contact number ordering spare parts, warranty service and Technical advice:

Mr. Matin Hoghoghi: (internal 21) (+98)31-45488886

Mr. Aghil Abbasi: (+98)9397657725