bekrdaneh is famed is a reliable partner in the field of food product because of this group has been used from experienced design and engineering team , quality parts as well as providing fast and reliable after-sale services .our goal in this group is to provide the devices and equipment that can attract the opinion of our customer both in design and appearance and quality and efficiency.

Because of the growing popularity of organic product ,this group led to launch a research and development unit and using from expert staff a creator to design and manufacture new product for production of food products in the presence of the customers .

The company has been implement ISO 9001 standard as well as standard In 2017, in order to enhance the quality of products. we have been as one of the successful companies in the field of in safety union Europe CE to export pressing oil equipment , stone sesame pudding machine , butter maker to various countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Georgia, South Africa, Armenia and Algeria. Because of the high quality of our products.

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