Technical support services for industrial machines of Bekordane Group are provided by technical support and reliable specialists of this company. This work is done in order to reduce the failure of the devices and their downtime and increase the production speed of your products.

Technical services of industrial machinery

The technical services of machines are performed by experienced specialists for dear and dear customers if needed. For this purpose, the specialists have been trained to ensure the accurate and perfect performance of your devices and to solve all technical problems, service and maintenance, and increase the capabilities of the device, and they are ready to serve you when necessary.

Technical support

If there is a technical problem with your device, if you can not solve the problem with the help of the manual and the instructional CD, please contact the following numbers

Contact number ordering spare parts, warranty service and Technical advice:

Mr. Matin Hoghoghi: (internal 21) (+98)31-45488886

Mr. Aghil Abbasi: (+98)9133200996