BMF 15 filtration machine

BMF15 machine
دستگاه میکرون فیلتر
دستگاه میکرون فیلتردستگاه میکرون فیلتر
Specifications Weight30 kg

30 kg
250 W
low noise
15 liters per hour
equipped with cooling fan for electric motor
17,500,000 تومانIRT each

Bekrdaneh micron filter is designed to separate any dirt and micro particles from oil extracted from cold press machines. There is no need to change the filter inside the machine But just cleaning the dirt from filter surface. It is equipped with gear pump and intelligent pressure control system by using inverter and pressure sensor. The filter parts are made from stainless steel 304 and a 25 liters tank is considered to keep the clear oil and also for packing

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