Bekrdaneh spice mill BDM2000

آسیاب ادویه بکردانه
آسیاب ادویه بکردانهbdm-spice-millآسیاب ادویه بکردانه 2000
Specifications Weight55 kg

70% reduction in energy consumption
10 kg per hour
20 kg per hour
1 hp
2 hp

This unique spice mill is equipped with pre-crusher (optional).
This machine is designed for use in organic stores and spice workshops.
The capacity of mill using pre-crusher is 10 kg per hour and without pre- crusher is 20 kg per hour. This machine can mill various spices including : Pepper ,Cinnamon ,Ginger, Turmeric,…

(Mill equipped with pre-crusher) : Pouring the raw spice into the pre-crusher hopper and after turning on the machine ,the spice will convert to small particles and will enter to the second chamber of mill and there it will convert to powder the milling operation will be done in 2 steps by using the crusher ,therefore it results a better mill and less pressure on the machine and no need to special setting for different spices

(Mill without pre-crusher ) : The milling operation will be done just in main mill chamber .you should control the spice volume entering to the mill chamber by hopper valve. you can mill different spices by this way.


twin spice mill

spice mill BDM2000

Cinnamon mill:

Turmeric mill:

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