BD 65 cold press machine

BD 65 Oil Cold Press Machine
دستگاه روغن گیری 65
Specifications Weight170 kg

13 kg per hour
1.5 kW
low noise
stainless steel cover
Cold press, At temperatures below 45
40 Kg
equipped with PLC and intelligent turn-off device and cooling fan for Electric motor
132,000,000 تومانIRT each

This machine with capacity of 15 kg of seed per hour, is capable for extracting oil from different oil seeds such as: sesame black seed, flaxseed soybeans sunflower hazelnut seed, almonds seed, peanut seeds and The machine can run continuously for days and nights and due to very low noise operation is suitable for using in Oil shops and workshops. This machine is equipped with Intelligent turn-off device controlled By PLC so when finishing the seed or having any problem in oil extraction the machine will be turned off automatically

BD 65 cold press machine Video

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