BD 135 cold press machine

BD135 Oil Cold Press Machine
دستگاه روغن گیری 135
دستگاه روغن گیری 135دستگاه روغن گیری 135دستگاه روغن گیری 135
6,600,000,000 ریالIRRريال إيراني each Specifications Weight380 kg

Equipped With Turkish Yilmaz Motor Gearbox

50 kg seeds per hour
low noise
Three phase, 4KW
stainless steel cover
Yes, 200 Kg
Cold press, At temperatures below 45
equipped with PLC and intelligent turn-off device and cooling fan for Electric motor

Bekrdaneh 135 oil cold press machine is designed and  manufactured to extract oil from any kind of oil seeds with real production capacity of 75kg oil seeds per has a Stainless steel cover and silent operation power ,full electric motor and gearbox, and having equipped with automatic turn-off device is the special characteristics of the machine .The machine can do continues production for days and weeks and 24 hours operation and it is very suitable for extracting natural oil from seeds in workshops and factories.

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