BDT 30 tahini and peanut butter machine

BDT 30 Tahini & Nut Butter Mill Machine (with feeder)
دستگاه ارده صنعتی بکردانه (فیدر دار)
1,130,000,000 ﷼ each Specifications Weight75 kg

Equipped With Turkish Yilmaz Motor Gearbox

30 kg per hour
low noise
 ability to install feeder for easy nut butter milling

This machine is designed to make tahini from sesame and also is capable of making nut butter from peanut, almond, hazelnut and... using two stainless steel adjustable blades, it is very easy to produce soft or rough tahini .in order to prevent warming up the cylinder and blades, inlet and outlet of cooling water is considered. the machine is equipped with digital speed controller (inverter) and have a production capacity of 30kg per hour

BDT30 Tahini Machine

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