D500 Dehydrator Machine

D500 Dehydrator Machine
d5000-bekrdaneh-fruit-dryer-machine-4‌دستگاه میوه خشک کن بکردانه مدل D500
338,000,000 ریالIRRريال إيراني each Specifications Weight30 kg

15 kg
750 Wh
304 stainless steel cover
equipped with circulator fans and the electrical heater

D500 dehydrator

Bekrdaneh D500 dehydrator is a medium size fruit drier with a unique design with capacity of 15kg is a good choice for organic stores and workshops. D500 has 304 stainless steel screen plates and is able to dehydrate any kind of fruits , vegetables and meats. Considering 2 circulation fans and a special 1000 watt heater , results into uniform heating all the dehydrator chambers .the machine is equipped with a digital control panel . The user can adjust temperature and the time , so that after dehydrating , the machine will turn-off automatically and alarm the user. All the body is made of stainless steel with very nice and sturdy design. 

This Machine is manufactured under ISO9001 quality management standard and has CE European safety standard and has 1 year guarantee.

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