BD 45 eco cold press machine

eco 45 oil cold press machine
دستگاه روغن گیری 45 اکو
دستگاه روغن گیری 45 اکو دستگاه روغن گیری 45 اکو دستگاه روغن گیری 45 اکو
Specifications Weight80 kg

7 kg seeds per hour
1 kW
low noise
86,000,000 تومانIRT each

BD 45 Eco cold press machine

This machine with capacity of 8 kg of grain per hour

Can extract oil from different oilseeds such as: black seed, rapeseed, sesame, sunflower, hazelnut, pomegranate seed, grape seed, soy bean , etc.

Designed with a compact design and equipped with all the features of a professional oil expeller , this machine is the ideal choice for those customers who are looking for a compact, high-performance, low-cost device. BD 45 Eco is equipped with inverter, digital temperature controller, powerful and silent motor gearbox of Turkey's Yilmaz which by means of a cooling fan, prevents the motor temperature rise at low operating speeds.

Manufactured under ISO 9001 and European CE standard, it has one year guarantee and is capable of continuous 24/7 work.


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