BD 45 Desktop Cold Press Machine

BD 45 Desktop Cold Press Machine
دستگاه روغن گیری 45 رومیزی
1,720,000,000 ریالIRRريال إيراني each Specifications Weight80 kg

Equipped With Turkish Yilmaz Motor Gearbox

7 kg seeds per hour
low noise
1 kW
stainless steel cover
Cold press
equipped with motor gearbox cooling fan

This machine with capacity of 8kg seeds per hour is capable for extracting oil from all oil seeds such as sesame, blackseed, Almond, sunflower seed ,grape seed, canola and... . Having compact design, it is suitable for using In places where you have space limitation. thanks to simple control panel and easy operating, the machine is completely user friendly. all the cylinder parts and screws are made of hardened Steel with more than 62 RC hardness and this guarantees the best performance in long time,it is open 24 hours a week .the machine is powered by Yilmaz motor gearbox and equipped with digital speed controller.

Desktop BD 45 cold press Video

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