BT90 Stone Tahini Machine

BT90 Stone Tahini Machine
دستگاه ارده سنگی 90 بکردانه مدل BT90
دستگاه ارده سنگی 90 بکردانه مدل BT90دستگاه ارده سنگی 90 بکردانه مدل BT90
Specifications Weight750 kg

Equipped With Turkish Yilmaz Motor Gearbox

2.2 kW
Body Material Steel
  • مجهز به جک بالابر سنگ رویی جهت تمیزکاری آسان
  • مجهز به اینورتر جهت تنظیم سرعت
158,000,000 تومانIRT each

BT90 is a large scale stone tahini machine with production capacity of 14 kg per hour. using natural stone for both fixed and rotating stone results very smooth and high quality tahini without any stop and have a silent operation, so it is good also for using in small stores .BT90 is equipped with lifting device for rotating stone for easy cleaning. The machine is also equipped with inverter, so the operator can adjust speed and the power consumption decrease up to 60%.

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