BDM-Mini 15 Nut Butter Mill

BDM-Mini 15 Nut Butter Mill
226,000,000 ریالIRRريال إيراني each Specifications Weight14 kg

15 kg
low noise
500 Wh
Equipped with a modern and beautiful hopper and equipped with stainless steel blades.

This machine is small and unique machine that can make butter from peanuts ,almonds, pistachio, hazelnut, coconut powder, sesame and etc. with a production capacity of 15 kg/ hour, this machine is a good choice for home use and also for organic shops, supermarkets, coffee shops and etc.

the screw, crusher, and blades are made of hardened stainless steel for long life. the machine body is made of stainless steel and all the parts match food- grade standards.

the Bekrdaneh mini nut butter machine is a beautiful and unique machine that can satisfy every customer who needs a small and reliable machine.

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