3Hopper Nut Butter Mill's Stand

3Hopper Nut Butter Mill's Stand
استند 3 سیلو طلایی
122,000,000 ریالIRRريال إيراني each Specifications Weight6 kg

All steel cover and beautiful design
Equipped with easy sliding hopper gates

The stand of 3 golden silos is designed and made to be placed on all kinds of butter-grabbing devices. The features of this stand include its beautiful and eye-catching design, ergonomics and elegant appearance. The ability to see different grains inside the silo creates a sense of attraction and trust for the customer in the store. The stands provided by Bekrdaneh are available in different models of 3 and 5 silos with various colors. The use of the mentioned stands with different number of silos on the butter machines allows you to produce different types of butter from different nuts using one machine. The easy-to-open sliding valve installed on this device allows you to easily experience the process of mixing nuts at the moment of starting the buttering process. This device is manufactured under CE and ISO9001 European standards and has a 1-year warranty. To buy this product and get additional information, contact the sales team.

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