The group has designed and produced a variety of products with different capacities for home, shop, workshop and factory applications. The smallest dishwasher is a 25-duplex press, ideal for personal use or home-based business, and offers a variety of oily beans. If you have a home-based business, press 32 is a more professional option with more features. If you plan to launch a retail store in the presence of a customer, depending on the daily requirement and the volume of sales, you can choose from 45 desktop, 45 stand, 65 press and press 85. All of these models feature oil press machine from variety of soft and hard beans. However, larger presses like 65 and 85 are better for hard and big beans . If you want to specialize in a large amount of hardened grain, the best option is the 90 Turbo Press. For workshop and workshop costs, 135 are available, and soon 160 presses are ideal and reliable options.
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